Saturday, June 8, 2013

Through the Garden Gate

Beautiful properties and gardens on the tour this year. Nicki and I wandered through gardens in Forest Hill and South Hill under cloudy skies.

Most of the addresses listed the landscape architects, but there were still a few properties where the owners did the design, took a hand in maintenance, or pampered their favourite plants like the roses or coleus.

Designs ranged from extremely formal and manicured, to "contained exuberance." Sculptures, stone benches, pools, terraces...  one home even had three Goldsworthy-style cairns. 

Hostas, Japanese red maples, rhododendrons, dogwoods, peonies, and early clematis were especially gorgeous at this time of year.

If I had room I might try a leatherleaf vibernum (bug-resistant), golden cedar, or Celestial Dogwood.

Eco Lawn - a low maintenance grass that is never cut.

Celestial Dogwood
Stachys Big Ears

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