Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sail Past 2013

Rob was MC for the 33rd annual BPYC Sail Past. He did a great job setting the tone for the ceremony, adding a touch of humour here and there, and talking about the cause for our celebration:

And is there anything sweeter than wiggling out through the gap on a summer day, with fair and warm winds, and shutting off the constant drone, smoke and rattle of the engine to see the sails fill... and to continue on with only the sound of water splashing along the hull.

The ceremony ended with Mimosas and strawberries, and a toast to the season ahead, in line with the club tradition.

The fog down by the lake was pretty on Saturday morning, but it looked as though we'd spend the day on land, instead of sailing past the Commodore's boat. But by noon the sun was coming out and burning off the fog. By the skippers' meeting at 1:00, all agreed we were good to go.

Bagpipes sounded us out from the docks.

Some may have wanted stronger winds, but it was great to see all those boats on the water again, wiggling out and back in through the gap.

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