Monday, June 24, 2013

Pranayama workshop

By the end of Saturday's workshop at YCT I was reminded of a few fundamentals and inspired to incorporate more yogic breath into the course of every day.

Bramhuri (bee) breath helps calm a racing mind... whenever I do it, I remind myself to do it more often!

Other things I'll try to do more often
  • Indulging throughout the day to return to equilibrium, as required.  Even 5 minutes or 20 breaths can help to do the trick.
  • adding a short breathing break during the afternoon slump at work to help refresh body and mind
  • adding another short break at the end of the day, when I get home but before getting dinner on the table
  • different postures in pranayama (seated on floor, on chair, back to wall, back to bolster)

Don't strain the breath; take the basic shape so breath can come.
For energy, extend the inhale.  Retain and hold that breath.
To relax, extend the exhale. Pause before beginning the next inhale.

I couldn't hear all the instructions properly, so I promised myself that when I got home I'd check out how applying Bandhas might help: Jlandhara, Mula, Uddiyana. More internet research led me to sitali, something done in hot climates that might help reduce  effects of hotflashes... can't hurt to try a little bit to see if it helps.

Luckily I have access to great teachers at YTC to help answer questions, but in the end I think you just have to try and see what works best for you in the situation you find yourself in, and you can only do that if you DO that.

In future I will have to learn to ask for a spot closer to the front, even with my hearing aid I didn't get as much out of today's workshop as I could have... I found it very, very difficult to hear Marlene's detailed instructions and strained to listen from my spot at the back. Then I just surrendered and hoped a few familiar phrases would float through, and that I would entrain with the breath of other bodies in the room.

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