Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Bouquet

I can't remember all these flowers in bloom at the same time in previous years: cherry blossoms, windflowers, bergenia, primrose, violet, blood root, variegated tulips, pulminaria, daffodils....

blood root - May 2nd
Last year, on April 1, the blood root was starting to unfurl, and previously it was April 16  2010. This year they opened the end of April (photo taken above on April 28); were still popping on the 2nd; but by May 5 they had just dropped their petals.

Things are blooming a 2-3 weeks later this year. Bloom times are more in line when checking back to May 1, 2011. (Coincidentally, that was also the day of the Hardy Plant Sale, that I also plan on visiting later today).
cherry blossom - May 2nd

Just finished
Cherry blossom
Purple/white 'star flowers'

Blooming now
Hellebores (for at least 3 weeks)
Daffodil - May 2nd
Primrose (last couple of days)
Bergenia (1 week)
Windlfower (3-4 days)
Variegated Tulips (2-3 days)
Violet (2 days)
Pulminaria (1 week)
Trilliums (can just see the white inside the bud)
Daffodils (several different kinds, taking turns)

Buds on
Tree Peony

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