Saturday, April 27, 2013

ooh la la

French foodie dinner!

Last Saturday night we went to Maureen and Dick's for one of our friendly feasts.

For h'orderves we had figs with honey and martinis. Appetizers were foie gras and black pepper pate served with Mathilde Pear Liqueur.  For the main, lamb with creamy feta potatoes and a full-bodied Bordeaux. A scrumptious meal!

Unfortunately Caro and Jim weren't able to make it. But fortunately for us, Crepe Suzette was able to make the dinner date. Caroline thoughtfully dropped off dessert, which Rob prepped and served. We snapped photos and emailed them to Caro who quickly responded - "the filling goes on the inside..." C'est la vie. It was tasty just the same.

We made tentative plans to enjoy a meal together on the lake over the summer. I can't wait!

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