Thursday, March 14, 2013


Home of the vortexes, there are lots of New Age spiritual seekers in the neighbourhood of the Red Rocks.

I admit, I'm curious, even though many have dismissed the reported phenomena as a hoax. The debate continues. I'll have a chance to make up my mind for myself when we visit the area on our tour of the Southwest.
Give me windows!!!!
 This will be our view during our 3 night stay in Sedona.

Brenda and Bill (Rob's sister and her husband) recently went and had some very practical tips:
  • To enjoy Sunset at Sedona Airport, go about one hour ahead of time because parking spaces go fast (the airport has a fantastic view and is adjacent to one of 7 major vortexes).
  • There is a great drumming circle at a brewery; most people bring their own drums but they offered a tambourine to Brenda (that she totally rocked!)
  • Pack hiking poles because they cost a fortune to buy near the Southwest trails ($30 at Canadian Tire vs. $100).
  • 10 Best Hikes Around Sedona is available to buy everywhere and is a good guide about relative difficulty: Boynton Canyon is fairly flat with a steep incline only at the end; Devils Bridge is also good.
  • Bring a backpack with you wherever you go.
  • Stock lots of water... you get thirty fast.
  • Pack sunscreen, lip balm and saline nose solution to protect against the elements.
  • Bring a camera!
Internet research has turned up a great Stargazing Tour and a potential winetasting trail.

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