Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Half Blood Blues

Just came home from a Book Babes evening discussing Half-Blood Blues (Nicki's pick).

I've read the novel twice before, and each time pull something new.

I would have predicted this Giller prize winner would have been an all round favourite tonight, and was surprised when several people charged that the dialog was so appalling that it detracted from the story. Or that, although the plot was driven by music there weren't many descriptions about the music itself.  But then, there were mixed reviews at the BPYC book club when I chose this as my selection.

Very interesting perspectives, given the praise and critical acclaim granted for the opposite points of view. If anything, on nights like these with such divergent opinions I realize that writing and storytelling are so subjective, any author chasing unanimous acclaim would need to be delusional at best.  I guess that is why so many authors stop reading reviews.

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NBH said...

Perfectly summarized. I was surprised as well.