Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Last night at yoga we had a challenging class. Stand in half lotus then bend forward to uttanasana;  seated shooting bow pose; tripod headstand; shoulder stand combined with full lotus.  Three times in a row I felt and actually heard something shift in my cranium when standing on my head.

On the bus ride home there was a strung out crazy-looking guy that kept shouting 'show me the money! show me the money!' He couldn't walk a straight line and looked like a starved Santa on a bender. Nicotine yellow beard to mid-chest, forced-wide blue icicle eyes. Threatening and dangerous presence. People clapped when he stumbled off the bus into darkness.

Woke in the morning sore from yoga the night before. Slept in, no time for a shower. Big zits on my chin. Subway to work, standing room only and delayed trains.

Morning dentist appointment. I waited a full hour in the chair before he saw me. Spent an hour and a half with my mouth open while he tinkered to replace a crown. Rushed back to the office late for appointments but stopped for a quick bite because I was so hungry. Had a sandwich for lunch and the temporary crown popped right out.

Missed a key meeting because of the delay, and my back-up ended MIA due to transit problems.

At home I'm greeted by mail that includes bills and notices forwarded from Marian's estate. She's been dead now for more than a year and I still miss her, the mail is a nasty reminder.

Oh yeah, work's not so hot these days either.

No energy to make dinner, just spaghetti and sauce from a jar.

Yeah, some days make you wonder about the meaning of it all, the pointless struggle.

Just sayin'.

I  inhabit my aging body but dammit if it still doesn't work pretty damn good. The crazy drunk guy got off the bus and no one suffered any physical damage. I stuck to meditation and yoga in the morning despite running late. My dentist was doing the dental work for free, I salvaged the temporary crown and it was re-installed on my way home. Work colleagues understood about missing the meeting, it really wasn't the end of the world. I have a job. I have a home. I ate dinner with Rob and Alex. It may have just been speghetti and sauce from a jar but we shredded some fresh parmesan cheese on top and added some red pepper flakes.

Just sayin'.

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