Friday, January 4, 2013

'Til next year.....

On the bus on the way home tonight, I was putting together my weekend 'to do' list:  take ornaments off Christmas tree. When I got home,  I saw the evergreen at the curb, branches stripped bare. I have to admit I was a bit surprised and just a little forlorn to find Rob had already boxed everything away...  We both reach a point where neither of us can stand the clutter anymore and need to put the holiday trimmings aside. Packing things away is part of the yearly ritual and marks the transition from holiday to New Year.

And what a wonderful holiday season it's been!  

A great mix of time spent as a family and time spent with friends. 

Lunches with colleagues; catching up with old friends; an unscheduled BPYC Book Club Christmas meal; celebrating the season at Kaarina's with great nibbles;  my Solstice Wine tasting;  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Rob and Alex; Boxing Day at Brenda's; Nicolette and Desmond's dessert wine tasting; Christmas in Kitchener with my mom and sister and brothers; New Year's Eve at Caroline's with an 'over the top' foodie night; and New Year's Levee at the club. 


The older I get the more the holidays seem to be about spending time with people you like and love, versus the gift-giving.  Food and feasting seem to be so central, too, along with embellishments at the table, sparkly clothes and twinkling lights.

Lighting a candle in the darkness, lengthening days.

The future now is present, and here is where we find ourselves in 2013!

View of the gap Jan 1, 2013

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