Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Tap

Just home from my first night bar tending! Since I am not on the Board this year, I have to earn my keep at the club and contribute hours.  I packed my Vin-Aire for the red wine drinkers and only used it five times the whole evening. White wine outsold the red by at least 5 times.  I poured one solitary Irish whisky the whole night. Beer was definitely the top seller by far. People were very particular about filling up the glass to the maximum, which I found a bit funny, considering the price ($2.50 a glass)... I'm talking millilitres.

The tilt, on just the right angle. The tap open on full. I was painstakingly slow at the beginning of the night, and just slow by the end. Next time I might be even a little bit more up to speed.

There was an electronic photo frame going, and I found myself distracted by all the pics of past parties. There was my 50th birthday, Robbie Burns, Sail Past, Charity Fundraisers, Dock Parties, Commodore's Ball. I've had so much fun at that Clubhouse! Feeling very blessed.

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Dick Grannan said...

Nice Blog - lots of interesting observations . However, I am not a fan of Frida and Diego - sorry.