Saturday, December 8, 2012

Kitchen Reno - Day 15

The old wall is a colourful sunrise. Layers of different paint and a splash of wallpaper tell the story of different palettes over time. The bare wall evokes memories of Alex as a baby, toddler, grade schooler, high schooler, university student... It strikes me how much I mark the times of my life by the age of my son.  I'm tempted to leave this part of the wall unpainted, but forget to ask Bob to leave it untouched.  Later in the week it's painted over.  It's strange how this mundane act feels like a sudden loss.

The backsplash went up on Days 11 and 12, with grouting to follow.  

The cork floor was treated and buffed to a nutty brown. 

By the end of the week painting had begun.

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