Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kitchen Reno - Day 10

The space is being transformed before our eyes.

Every night we come home and a little more progress has been made. The first room we visit is the kitchen to see the latest improvement.

The second week started with installing the ventilation hood and mudding the corners to the kitchen entrance (Day 6), then the ceiling molding (Day 7), fitting a wall cabinet (Day 8), installing the granite countertops and sink (Day 9) and then the floor (Day 10).

Even though there are more cabinets installed, it seems like a bigger room.  Apparently Griskit has been hanging out watching Bob at work and they've become good friends.

Last weekend we chose the taps and tiles, this weekend we're trying to settle on the colours for the wall, ceiling and trim.

I can't wait to see everything done and finished, with the appliances in place.


Annika said...

Love your choice in backsplash and that the cupboards goes all the way to the ceiling. Nice Christmas present for the family!

NBH said...

Love the backsplash too! Can't wait to see the finished product