Friday, November 23, 2012

Kitchen Reno - Day 5

Monday morning when I left at 5:30 a.m. for my yoga class, I thought I better take a snapshot of the kitchen all cleaned up for demolition.
Day 2
It served us well for many years.  It was kind of funny, walking out and knowing things would be drastically different when I got back.  Probably similar to watching a favourite old car putter off to the scrap heap.  Twenty years together, well-used, and looking forward to saying goodbye.  On some level I think I actually felt guilty.

Okay, so this is elemental:  things must be destroyed for something entirely new to take its place, for building and renewal to begin.

The first night, when we got home, the cupboards were stripped bare.  Surprising how much progress was made in a day.

Day 3
By Day 2, the old floor was uprooted and new entrance roughed in.  Day 3, some of the new electrical had been done and the old plumbing taken out.  Day 4 - new cabinets!

Day 4
It was a shock to see the new cupboards in place, had not been expecting to see them mounted so quickly.  I really liked the look of them except for the fact there seemed to be gaps and problems with alignment.  How hard would it be to fix?  Was this the way it was going to look?

Momentary panic set in.  Turns out the spacing needed to be adjusted.  There was one error that would involve replacing three panels due to misalignment.  I was happy not to have to fight over it, the contractor was in complete agreement.  By end of Day 5, the offending panels were replaced.

Bob J. is the contractor and doing amazing work. We started planning back in March, it just took awhile to lay the groundwork (remove radiators, replace sliding doors etc.).

Watching as these long laid plans take shape is exciting, but also a bit unnerving.  Seeing something in your mind's eye vs. reality..... I can't help but hope for a reasonable match. Definitely looking forward to having a little pantry and extra drawers!

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