Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mongrel Mash

Rob and I went with friends to Hugh's Room and lost track of time listening and watching Carlos del Junco. Sometimes I wondered whether this virtuoso was playing two harmonicas at the same time.  Amazing technique with old favourites like Got My Mojo Working, Some Sweet Day, Amazing Grace.  Then on to modern blues, a bit of roots, acoustic folk.  Quite a range, so it's a suitable graphic to show a crazy mongrel mash up on his latest cover.

Carlos signed my copy of this CD, and the inside jacket proclaims:
I have always enjoyed playing material that has a rootsy and bluesy base but that is also stylistically wide-ranging and eclectic.  This makes it hard to pigeonhole my music and can make for a challenging experience on first listen.

Great breath control.  He really punches the individual notes with great precision, then goes easily to double and triple stops, octave leaps, overblows.  WoW!  Watching him made me want to just pick up and wail away on a harp... if only!

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