Sunday, September 30, 2012

September garden

Henry makes an appearance
Lots of colour in the yard now, red leaves starting to dot the grass.  Most of the maple is still green, but it's beginning its autumn blush. 

Henry met with disaster this year.  Not just once, but three times, until he was torn right to his roots.  I was truly happy to see the white clematis bloom this week.

Also blooming now:
  • Phlox (going strong since August)
  • Nasturtium and begonias in pots
  • Roses
  • Toad lilies
  • Marigolds
  • Standard Hydrangia
  • Sedum

It was a busy month that started with a garden make-over in the front yard. I planted low-lying evergreens to contrast with the red dragon Japanese maple and planted a standard hydrangea and boxwood under the front window.  In the back garden, I moved the witch hazel from where it was hiding to a more prominent spot to enjoy its coming fall display.  Bulbs on order.


Toad lily

garden make-over

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