Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wilson New York

Long weekend!

We left the dock Friday morning at the same time we usually head to work, so the sail over to the south side of Lake Ontario was doubly delicious.  I spent the day in my p.j.s, lounging above and below deck, reading, drinking tea.

After tying up at Tuscarora we biked in to the 'main drag', where hundreds of motorcycles had come from miles around for Bike Night.  Our foldable bicycles brought us some compliments, but they looked a little geeky parked next to the Harleys and Indians.

Early to bed, and not-so-early-to-rise.  Saturday the local business association was putting on a farmer's market and wine tasting.  I picked up a bottle of mead for novelty's sake.  It's not exactly sauterne, but it will be quite summery served chilled with a few frozen strawberries.

We took a few dinghy rides into the marsh.  The territory reminded me a lot of our own Rouge Park as we floated past 2M / 7F  high bullrushes.  We turned the motor off to try to catch some of the wildlife:   turtles basking on old logs, herons fishing and fish jumping.

A contingent of Bluffers was invading the Island Yacht Club for their annual fundraising festivities.  We joined in for the Cheeseburger in Paradise party, everyone dressed down in their tropical finery.  The band had a chance to play one set before the skies opened up to thunder and lightning.  It was quite the downpour, cooling everyone off from the 35C / 95F degree heat.  Bring it on!

Another highlight was the Poker Run - dinghy riders dressed as pirates, gathering cards from participating venues - highest poker hand wins.  Although Rob and I didn't race, we did get to enjoy the hospitality at Madview.  The host, Isabella, gave a tour of her property, both inside and out.  Great gardens and lots of different corners set to enjoy spectacular views.  It was hard to believe she picked up the property for $65K ten years ago.

Sunday night the lake was so turbulent the boats were bouncing at the docks.  Some spots were so rough people actually left for land to avoid being sea sick.  We were in a semi-sheltered spot but it was still pretty turbulent.

We set sail to return home Monday.  Favourable winds for almost eight hours, a wonderful sail, and no need to turn on the motor at all.  It was astoundingly clear.  We could see the CN Tower as we left Wilson Harbour,  and used it to guide our path home.

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