Thursday, August 16, 2012

La Tour de By

I believe this is the nicest glass of wine I've poured myself all summer.

I went poking about for a bottle of red and plucked this off my shelf.  To tell the truth I wasn't sure about whether to save if for a 'special' occasion, so I double-checked with my sommelier (a.k.a. google).

She told me it was best to drink 2007-2012.  Good thing I checked, I would hate to have had it slip past the best-before date.  Live for the present!

2003 is a recommended vintage, too.  What a happy coincidence.

I'm feeling a bit guilty now, maybe I should have planned a meal around this bordeaux, it's so scrumptious.   Lamb is a recommended match.  So is ossau-iraty or roquefort cheese...  I'll have to pick some up on my way home from work tomorrow.

Beautiful garnet colour, nice legs, great dimension, and amazing finish!

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