Sunday, August 12, 2012

BPYC Weekend

The weekend was grey and blustery, so although we had planned a to sail over to the Island, we decided instead to pretend we'd just spent 10 hours sailing to BPYC as a destination.

Great weather for watching DVDs, reading, blogging, and walking along the shore.  This is a beautiful spot, rain or shine.

Saturday night there was a basin party, with all three yacht  clubs taking a turn to host.  First, it was to Cathedral Bluffs for dinner:  pulled pork, corn on the cob, barbecue chicken, and cold slaw.  Then, on to Highland for the first band of the evening (7 - 9:30), and to  BPYC (9:30 - midnight) for the second. I literally danced all night!

Sunday morning, the gentle rocking of the boat and waking up, realizing where I was and that it was the weekend - not a workday - so I could dip back into catching the magic fragments of my dreams.  Flying carpets, Parisian coffee houses, international intrigue.

There was a window for sailing on Sunday, but we decided to enjoy another lazy day dockside.

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