Friday, August 24, 2012

August refresh

The goldfish are the same colour as the nasturtiums.  On another day, with a better lens, I may be able to capture the image of the still flowers and the darting fish below, magic reflections swimming just below the surface.


A bit of a refresh was needed in the front garden.

As much as I loved the roses bushes in the front yard, they just weren't working.  They were hiding the red dragon maple and blocking the view of the garden just in back.  And they needed a fair amount of dead-heading and maintenance in summer months - not great for someone who works full time and sails in off hours.  In winter they looked like a tangle of twigs.

I wanted to remove the bushes but I was very conflicted about taking them out.  Conceptually I wanted them gone but I just couldn't bring myself to actually do it, so I hired someone for the dirty work.  I have to admit it was nice walking down the street and seeing all the work completed.  Kathy did a great job and I will likely get her help again in the future.

To fill the new space, I'm looking for some low lying juniper or dwarf blue-green conifers and lots and lots of bulbs for spring.  That way I will have all season interest and fairly low maintenance, a perfect combo.

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