Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Thunder Moon - July.

Sunday night someone said the moon was full, and I politely disagreed.  It was an egg shape.  Waxing.  But full?  Definitely not!  They insisted, so I guess the moon was full enough for them.

I watched it rising from the lake and above the trees down at BPYC Monday night and it looked full enough to me.

But it is 'officially' full on July 3rd around 2 p.m.

After a long weekend on the boat I am inclined to call it a Sailor Moon. Hot as it was, the lake is still not warm enough to swim.  Maybe next weekend?


Annika said...

I've been in twice already.. The lake was 71F last time.. The problem is that the air is too hot...so it feels like ice when you first enter..

Dick Grannan said...

Sometimes the lake warms up----and then turns over!
If nothing else, it's definitely summer.