Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sail Past and 30th Reunion

It was a blustery day, with winds too strong to take the boat out for a true Sail Past.  Most of the festivities were held in the clubhouse.

Bagpipes piped in the Board in and I have to admit I loved it!  I hadn't been thinking of serving on the Board for a third consecutive year, but this almost makes me change my mind.  I do love a bit of pomp.

Rob was Master of Ceremonies and did a fabulous job again this year, people kept coming up and telling him his speech was a hit.  In it, he used as many of the clubs' 128 boat names as he could to pay tribute to Bluffers Park Yacht Club.  He had everyone laughing and straining to hear the name of their own boat.  The mimosas and strawberries to end the festivities were delicious.

time travel
And then off to a different kind of Sail Past.  As in, time sailing past. My 30th college reunion!  Has it really been that long since I went to film school?

There were ten or so of us gathered in our classmate Hugh's backyard, which was a big turn out for our small class.  When we started in first year, there were about thirty of us and by second year the number had dwindled to 24 or so.  Third year, I think about 15.  There was always talk about how tough it would be to 'make it in the business' and really, not all of us have worked in film/t.v.  I look back on those three years of freedom to make whatever movies you cared to, no clients or bosses or cares.... god we were so privileged and naive enough not to even know it...

Sam M. came all the way from Sault St. Marie.  Alan B. and Maria C. found out about the festivities last minute, joining Randy B, Jim I, Kip S, John G, Dave R. and me, all hanging out.   Mark M skyped in.  It was great to see everyone that could make it.  Looking at these faces, I could see the youthful features from decades ago just below the surface. We're still the same people, burnished and tumbled.

Life didn't turn out entirely how my 20-something self may have wanted.  In fact, in many ways it is far better than I ever could have imagined.  Truly.

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