Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the water

These past couple weekends I've pursued my docking ambitions on windless afternoons.

Caroline took me out for a coaching session for a couple hours.  There were some high and low points.  Low point was getting grounded right in front of the club. Happily someone came to tow us out of our predicament, and there was no (apparent) damage to the boat.  Note to self:  prop walk is to port side.

High points were continuing the practise session, and ending the afternoon successfully sliding into my own slip.  Hurray!

This past Saturday I was able to back out of the dock and navigate through the channel, past the scene of the crime. Took the helm in light breezes, so wonderful on the lake.

Also on board was Griskit, who we are trying to turn into a Nauti-cat.  She likes the winch pockets in the cockpit and chases the flies and spiders about.  She seems to enjoy the view, but also spends a lot of time sleeping in the V-berth.We keep her on leash because we're not quite sure if she understands the blue stuff surrounding the boat is water.

Saturday night there were fireworks at Cathedral Bluffs.  We watched from the boat, rafted up with Caroline and Brian. Alex and Penny were on board. Even Griskit enjoyed the show.

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