Wednesday, May 23, 2012


April 30
I can't believe how much fun it is to have a kitten in the house!  We found this adorable creature on Craig's list April 29.  The ad said she was part Maine Coon, but given how much she is at home in the garden and how much she loves to climb,  I figure she may have some Norweigan Forest in her lineage (she's almost a twin of this purebred's photo).

We went back and forth between two different names, Kiko (which means adorable in Japanese) and Griskit (the namesake of one of my mom's cats from long-ago).  In the end, the name Griskit (rhymes with biscuit) stuck with the majority in our house.

Purrs like a small engine.

In three weeks she has doubled in size but still seems far from full grown.  She has coils in the bottom of her paws that cause her to jump perpendicularly 3' up in the air without any hint of warning.

She runs around without any apparent agenda, other than to burn off abundant energy trying to be everywhere  all at once.  She's a real climber - trees of course - but also shower curtains, screen doors, deck fences, and occasionally human legs (trousered or not).  She's a very social animal, and loves our company.  Hmm, I guess this makes her a social climber of sorts.

Anyway, we love having her around, she's a great addition to the household!
May 20

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