Friday, May 18, 2012

Botanical Clouds

The tree peony is putting on an amazing show this year!  When I came out the side door to head to work this morning I had to stop for a full minute to admire the flowers, as big as dinner plates. 

Then Rob got out of the car and snapped some photos, sending them to me at work so I could enjoy them during the day.  "Botanical clouds" is what he labeled the .jpg - how suitable.

The flowers have a light, delicate perfume and the blooms seem to have a strange, hypnotic power.

Tonight as I was heading up my street I noticed an older man holding the hand of a child about three years old, walking up my driveway to get a closer look at the tree peony.  I think I surprised them as I followed just behind, catching them in the act, so I gave them a big smile to reassure them I didn't mind their visit to my garden. The grandfather said something in Japanese, and then "beautiful," pronounced in a slow, halting English.  "Enjoy!" I said, hurrying past so they would stay and enjoy the view.  I was delighted the two of them shared a stolen moment, visitors who obviously had such discriminating taste!

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