Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sea to Sky Country

Hi-Way 99 travels along between the sea and mountains.  Today Rob and I rented a car and travelled along the route between Vancouver and Whistler.  When we left, the morning sky was clouded over and looked like rain, but the weather took a turn for the better and the sun came out to glisten on the water and paint the mountain tops.  A picture perfect day!

When we got to Whistler we rode in the gondola.  At least half an hour to the top of Whistler!  I thought we were already high, but the car kept ascending and ascending.  Incredible.  Then we rode in a glass-bottomed gondola to the Blackcomb peak.  It felt like flying, up close enough to touch the clouds.

peak-to-peak experience

glass-bottom gondola

Sky to Sea Country

Shannon Falls

Howe Sound

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Giulia said...

Oh how lovely, Diane. I'm trying to catch up w/everyone. What a grand idea for such an important anniversary. (the trip)...xoxo/Susan