Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mixie the Cat

She has been with the family since 1994 and died today.  

Alex was at home with her and called me at work with tears in his voice.  We've had this cat since before he was in Kindergarten, and he can't really remember a time when she wasn't around.  I still remember when he struck up a conversation with a girl he just met, he must have been about 7 at the time, and his opener was, "I have a cat named Mixie," as though that would be enough to suitably impress.
Mixie was a great cat, well tempered, affectionate, and gorgeous.  We picked her up at the Humane Society, her chart said she was a 'rescue cat' but didn't elaborate, and they estimated her age to be 1.  That was eighteen years ago.  We figure she may have been a Norweigan Forest Cat or possibly, part Maine Coon.

She lived her long life happily.

I'll remember her enjoying the garden, rolling in the clover, catching snowflakes on her tongue, digging in the dirt, and going out to the pond to drink like a lioness. 

1994 - 2012

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