Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eating in style

The meals on the train trip were so delicious!

I had to see how much space the chef and cook had to work in to prepare their 150 meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I caught them between sittings to take this shot.  Totally spotless after having just plated 50+ meals and waiting for the rush to begin for the second sitting.

Not much room! About maybe 55% the size of a train car.  Very efficient and not a spot of wasted space.

I kept a record of the mains I was served - each of these could easily have been served in a three star dining room.  With the bonus of incredible scenery.

perfectly fluffy cheese omelette with hashbrowns
blueberry pancakes
oatmeal with fresh berries

smoked salmon and potato pancakes

angus burger
yorkshire pudding cups with prime rib

prime rib
grilled duck

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