Friday, February 10, 2012

Week's end

So here I am at week's end, happily spent.

Pondering the end of another work week.  What a whirlwind things have been, people coming and going, new assignments, new priorities, new bosses, new team members.  Head spinning, really.

One thing I learn, relearn, relearn even at my ripe old age, is all the opinions I form of people are based on a dangerous recipe of my limited knowledge, personal bias, vested interest. Tonight I am deciding yet again to reserve judgement because attaching emotions to everything is just too damn tiring, things change so fast, but I will allow myself some indulgence since really, it has been a pretty great week, time has flown by, and despite all the craziness I actually may have accomplished a few things.

I think the secret really is not to be too attached to outcomes and try to check your ego at the door.  Good life lessons, overall.  The ego thing sure is tricky.

Of course my philosophy is tempered right now by a wonderful pinot noir from a family winery in Monterey, California,  Vintage 2010,  two generations working the terroir.

Time. Now. To. Slow. Down. For. The. Week. End.

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