Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Treats


Soirée Québecoise!
A Foodie night with friends bringing each course.

What a belle epoch!

The appetizer was a selection of Quebecoise cheeses:
  • Douanier (Canadian doppleganger of French Morbier) tasting slightly sharp with a vein of blue ash down the centre
  • La Mont Jocob (semi-soft), light and fruity tasting, a 3 medal winner in the Quebec fine cheese contest 2010
  • chevre noir cheddar "if cheddar is the little black dress of Canadian cheese, then Chevre Noir is the Channel classic with a twist," made from sheep's milk
  • Oka, made from the Trappist monk's original recipe, a buttery nutty creamy combo 

These were paired with a lovely Medoc called Diane de Belgrave, a gold medal winner.  I didn't realize that a Medoc was also a Bordeaux until checking just now.  I was impressed by how well it went with each of the cheeses.

For the first course, split pea soup was paired with Neige ice apple cider.  The soup bowls were warmed in the oven and poured from a beautiful pottery soup tureen at the table.  The elegant presentation made this simple course quite special.

The Main was a Six Pates of wild boar, elk and buffalo that was simmered for 6 hours so the meat seemed to melt on the tongue.  Of the trio, I think the wild boar was my favourite.  A cool and crunchy side of  tri-colour slaw was a great complement.  It went very nicely with the Cote du Rhone and Valpolicella.

Dessert was served by the fire.  I was so full, I couldn't finish my pieces of  Sugar Pie and Chocolate Espresso Sugar Pie with fresh whipped cream.  No problem - Rob was eager to help!


After a few hours at the AGO, I sat for a late brunch at Frank and enjoyed salad of pickled heirloom beets with chevre and fried walnuts, tossed on a bed of baby arugula.  The red beet juice made little red polka-dots on the flesh of the orange heirloom beets and bled into the white chevre.  It looked just like a still life painted in ink and watercolour. Too bad I didn't have a camera, it was so gorgeous on the plate.

On the way home I picked up more cheese:  Leyden, from the Netherlands, laced with cumin and cloves.  Nice bite!


Carô said...

Nice. Not bad at all for February. I am enjoying Jeanne.

Carô said...

Hope to read about Canada Reads