Monday, January 16, 2012

Boat Show

I'm looking forward to using my boat show "finds".

I drooled over the newest Catalina 35 and Hunter 33, both fine cruising specimens.  Hopped on and off a number of sailboats, including Benateaus, Bavarians, and a Catamaran.

A new boat is definitely not in our immediate future, but sails and furling are.  Since we plan to keep our Catalina 30 for a few years the new sails are worth the investment.  I wonder what's the ideal point to trade up and in for another boat?

Since I couldn't buy a new boat this time around, I opted for a Yup Delight Glo Pebble.  It is actually pretty mesmerizing, the LED light cycles through a rainbow of colours. This will be a nice light feature in my garden at night. I imagine I will see these at the yoga show in a couple of months, since the colour spin is related somewhat to chakras and advertised as colour therapy on the package.  Apparently the eggs are being considered by the Toronto School Board for use with autistic children, since they have a calming effect and at the same time are practically indestructible.

Roughly 105+ more sleeps before Yondering splashes back into Lake Ontario.

A book at the Nautical Minds booth caught my eye, "It's Your Boat Too".  Maybe it will help me get over my fear of docking!

Picked up a ceramic grater, used it to make my curry tonight and it worked really well with the raw ginger, as well....


Annika said...

"It's my boat too", I like that statement. I also fear the dreaded docking; I guess it'll have to be mind over matter and lots of practice. There's actually docking clinics out there. Maybe that's something to consider.

Diane said...

I could use a docking clinic! hope we can practise with someone else's boat.... lol