Friday, December 30, 2011

Restorative Poses

I have felt like crap for the last two weeks.  And I'd been feeling so smug about not catching what had been going around!  The version that's caught me: aching sore throat and cough-cough-cough.
I've been taking medicine like Neo Citran and discovering new drugs like Cepacol throat spray. Some of the best medicine though has been yoga.  I'm happy to say I've kept up my daily practise, sliding into a more restorative series of poses. 

One of my favourites is the supported bada konasana pictured above.  It is such a good chest opener, with added benefits for the hips.  I've also been relaxing into supported bridge, vipirita kirani (legs up the wall), supported forward bend.

So thankful to have a repertoire I can call on in sickness or in health.  Yoga Journal has some pointers here if you'd like to try the next time you're feeling 'under the weather'.

illustration supta-bada konasana
illustration restorative sequence

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