Monday, December 12, 2011

Really? There are wines from countries other than Italy?

Pinotage - signature grape of S.A.
Although it seems I've been favouring Italian reds, other countries have been filling my glass just as well.  

The Bean is a flavourful coffee pinotage from South Africa.  There is a notice on the bottle, "no coffee beans were used, abused, or mistreated during the winemaking process."  Very oaky red.

Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde, a great value white from Portugal - less than $10 - with a score of 92.  

Chateau La Tour de By, Cru Bourgeios Superieur, Medoc.... very tasty Bordeaux from France

When I win the lottery I'll go on a wine tasting tour, Around the World in 80 Bottles.  In the meantime I'll sip on the grapes and look at google maps.

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Annika said...

You could always pull a Julie and Julia: 365 Days and 365 different wines from around the world..Enjoy the wine, blog about it and gain some fame.

Carô said...

LQTM! I love your whimsicality!