Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Temperatures well above zero have kept this a green Christmas.  
Some mornings bring light frost.  
The surface of the pond freezes, melts, and freezes again.
Snowflakes have fallen, but melt so quickly.
My garden waits for its blanket of snow.

This rose was blooming on my front porch December 2nd


Annika said...

It's just started snowing. East of you the ground is covered in a thin layer of white. Might not last long but I'm savoring it. Hope you got some as well.

Giulia said...

Nothing here yet (prob. later in week)...but then you are in Canada & it's expected. I just want it w/out the hideous winds, etc. See if you can arrange that, Diane, will you? xoxo

Diane said...

Yes, I am enjoying the snow!