Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slow Food

Bacchus by Caravaggio
Spent a wonderful evening enjoying a long, slow meal and lingering at the table with Caroline, Maureen, Dick and Jim. It was Rob's and my turn to host, and the theme was 'Italian'.  Everyone bringing a course (or two) and fabulous bottles of wine to share.

Six hours to do Bacchus proud.

A rogue cricket had gotten loose in the house and was chirping loudly.

Between courses we went out on the deck to enjoy the unseasonably warm evening and take in the night air.

Bursts of flavour.  The portions were small enough to leave us wanting just a bit more, so at the end of the six courses we weren't over-stuffed. 

At one point Caroline and Rob brought my grandfather's self-portrait oil painting up from the basement and we hung it in the living room where he now looks wonderfully at home.  

Much merriment! And now plans for New Year's Eve....


  • antipasto - platter of tasty salamis, cheeses, olives & artichokes
  • primo - silken handmade ravioli stuffed with 2 different delectable fillings... mushroom and two cheeses
  • secondo - sweet and sour caponata and Tuscan chicken
  • salad - young greens + Pecorino brillo (light and fruity) served with pomegranates, and aged balsalmic
  • cheese  - tallegio + pecorino with truffle + brillo
  • dolce - rainbow sorbet with limoncello and blackberries - full of colour 
  • finish with espresso + biscotti + shots of limoncello

wines paired were barolo and chianti classico,
Fontanafredda Barolo
Montegiachi Chianti Classico


Carô said...

it was divine and magical.

Carô said...

Magical? Why did I say magical? Oh yes...chianti, barolo, chianti i chianti,i chianti....

Carô said...

oh and limoncello!!!

Giulia said...

Yum. It's 10.17am & I'm salivating over your menu. xoxo

Diane said...

you will have to teach me your secret to handmade pasta! mine never quite turns out so silky.

Suz said...

Wonderful post and I'm sure it brought back memories of your fabulous trip. You live the good life! Just gazing out at the river this morning imagining sailboats in the Spring. Have a great day today Diane! :)

The Clever Pup said...

Sounds fantastic!