Saturday, November 19, 2011

Golden beauty

This morning when I looked out the back window I couldn't believe the colour of the hosta by the pond... so very golden.  For many years I've admired it's summer foliage and slug resistance,  but I can't remember seeing it so brilliant in the fall.   Well positioned by the pond, even Ganesh seems to appreciate its heart-shaped leaves.  What's not to love?

Henry continues to astonish, and here it is November 18.

It snowed just north-east of here yesterday.  Frost blankets the earth at dawn.

And so the seasons turn.

Henry's still hanging in.....


Nicki BH said...

I too amazed by "Henry" I will have to look into that one. See ya soon

Giulia said...

O Henry! :)

Now that it's the 23rd, I wonder if he's still hanging on. I just looked up & out the window by the desk & nearly every leaf is gone. High winds are shrieking around the building corners.

Sorry I've been absent.. Computer problems & much else. xo/Susan

Carô said...

I like Henry *:-)