Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Point and view

One of the best things we packed for our recent trip to Italy were the binoculars.  I thought I'd be using them to do a bit of bird-watching, but they turned out to be invaluable for sight-seeing overall.

Light and easy to carry, the 8 x 25 magnification was more powerful than the telephoto lens we had for the camera.

So the binocs were great for checking out the Tuscan hills in the distance and scoping out fishing boats in the water on the Amalfi coast.  But they were also an amazing tool for the interior of churches, the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel and for viewing the tops of beautiful buildings like the Duomo.  Not bad for stargazing, either!

These will be added to my packing list template - I won't leave home without them - at least on a vacation.

Fall of Man (Sistene Chapel)

facade of Duomo in Florence

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