Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Sail of the Season

dusk at anchor
The second weekend in October was our Indian summer, and Rob and I made the best of it as we sailed over to Toronto Island.  We weren't the only boaters taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, and motored past the last available space on the wall to drop anchor at one of our favourite Island spots.

Later the next day, we went beach-combing along the rocky shore, bumping into only two or three other people...  We had the view to ourselves, but there was evidence we weren't the only ones to appreciate this unique island park.

An aspiring Andy Goldsworthy had built a cairn along the shore with found materials. 

And there was an panicked love letter, wrapped in plastic and taped to a picnic table, "Hi!  Brazilian Girl!"  The writer had fallen in love on the ferry, arranged a meeting, missed the connection, and was desperate to find his lost love.  I wonder if he ever found her, or if he will be forever unrequited? I wonder if the cairn builder and letter writer were the same person, even though the stones and the picnic table were several hundred meters apart?

Winds were light, but we kept the sails up, wing on wing, for the trip back to BPYC.  It took hours longer than it normally would, but I didn't mind a bit.

Early this morning Yondering had her Haul Out. She's in the cradle for the winter.

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Lost love

Andy Goldsworthy?

Yondering wih CN Tower in distance

Wing on wing is a beautiful thing......


Annika said...
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Annika said...

Our boats are certainly bringing us very memorable moments, and the Island being a favorite destination