Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sultan's Tent

Rob, Alex, Penny and I went out to celebrate a special occasion on Wednesday night and I got to pick the venue.

Although I am a bit of a foodie, we don't get out to restaurants much and I confess, I don't stay current on what's hot.  This is all by way an apology to confess why I picked the Sultan's Tent. Oh dear.  I think this has seen its day, back in Yorkville when people sat on pillows and ate with their hands.

The night of our visit the food was uninspired but the biggest disappointment was the belly-dancing.  We ended up with someone who shook their bum, instead of undulating their belly.  It kind of missed the point.  Ah well.

To make up for the transgression, here are two of my favourite You Tube performances.

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