Thursday, August 18, 2011

Negata Shachu

Negata Shachu played at the Toronto Botanical Gardens this week.  The last concert in the summer series went out with a bang!

The taiko drummers were amazing to hear and to watch.  Such physical exertion.  Their whole bodies went into their music.

Drum beats are so primal, with the power to quicken or slow your heart beat.  The performance was mesmerizing.

Alex, Penny, her mom, and I sat on top of the garden spiral with the best seats in the house and munched on samosas and oranges to enjoy this last show of the season.

For each song, the drummers changed the position of the instruments on stage.  A big drum paired with a small drum, the next song the drum on a stand.  As the relation of the drums to one another changed, so did the shape of the sound.  And so did the position of the drummer.  Sometimes crouching, sometimes lunging, sometimes drumming with their arms above their heads.

After the concert, a walk in the garden forest.  The cicadas are incredibly loud tonight and it seemed so very suitable...

Here's a clip of the same troupe giving an indoor performance. 

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