Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Glass Ceiling

Greenberg series - Glass Ceiling
Jill Greenberg produced this series of underwater photos entitled 'Glass Ceiling' - to document the 'Female Object'... these photos are absolutely beautiful and vaguely disturbing all at the same time.

A portion from her artist statement
In 2008, I was commissioned to do a fashion shoot with the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team, 2 set ups included high heels. What follows are caught moments, inspired by a few images from the 2008 shoot’s outtakes: captured between the posed formations, coming up for air.
Elana Kalis @ Bricolage
Funnily enough, I saw another female underwater image just earlier today, featured on Bricolage. That image, too, is headless, but doesn't feel as starkly depersonalized.  Fabric and muted colours wrap the figure in softness.

In 'Glass Ceiling',  Greenberg's colours are vivid, the bodies stripped of clothing are vulnerable and somewhat interchangeable.  No faces, but definitely not feature-less.
Greenberg series - Glass Ceiling

In this last photo, especially, the dreamlike feel of a floating world reminds me of Chagall.

Greenberg series - Glass Ceiling

Marc Chagall


Giulia said...

Diane, these are fantastic. Thank you so much for the mention & the link the other night. I read mymodernmet but am hindered internetz-wise lately. I hope your plans for Italia are going well. I need to catch up here & everywhere. Oof. xo/S.

Giulia said...

I meant to add, yes, to the Chagall reference!