Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to work

What a great vacation - 26 vacation days strung together - spent in Victoria BC, in the Toronto Islands, and in my own backyard. 

Jumped off the boat and into Lake Ontario more times than the whole of last summer. 

Dipped into some new mindfulness exercises, enjoyed leisurely mornings filled with yoga, meditation & gardening.

Read a ton of books (Freedom, The Help, Incendiary, Lapham Quarterly to name a few).  Went to my Book Club.
Checked out some wonderful gardens:  Butchart, Music Garden, & Toronto Botanical Gardens. 

Just hung out and did whatever.  Carpe diem.

This was more time than I've had off for vacation since I was a grade school kid!I loved the expanse of it. The first week crept by, but by the middle of the second week it was slipping by quickly.  Very elastic.

Now it feels like Back to School time. 

This was my first day back at work, and I started a new position within a different division (same company).  I'm excited by the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  I guess I couldn't have timed things better if I'd planned it, what with leaving for a long period of time and then coming back to something new.

I feel entirely refreshed and ready to go; and gratitude to have the opportunity to learn new things and stretch a bit.

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