Monday, July 25, 2011

Winning by losing

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When the emphasis is on what you can't have, there is just one massive black hole needing to be filled.

I quit smoking 10 years ago, and it was tough.  Since then I've put on about one pound each year.  Not a gi-normous amount, but still, I think it's time to take it off. :-)

When I quit smoking, I must have attempted 1000 times.  Agony!  I still want a cigarette, to tell you the truth.  I still dream about smoking and when I do, it is a nightmare... one of those dreams within a dream, where you think it is real, then hope it is a dream and can't really be happening, and then realize with horror it's actually real, and then wake up with total relief!  Usually I get this dream once or twice a year, after I've been hanging out with smokers.

Anyway, tangent.  What made me successful over the last ten years was wanting health and wellness, and wanting to save money...  In other words, thinking about what I would GAIN by quitting.  Focusing on abundance vs. deprivation.

So... right off the bat, trying to 'lose' weight just doesn't resonate.  Automatically setting myself up with a not-too-enjoyable proposition.  I LOVE food!  I NEED food!  Why would I want less of something that brings me so much pleasure?

I guess there are many keys to this dilemma.  What will I gain by losing?

Better health + a more youthful 'Real Age' + more energy + feeling better in my own skin.

I know, I know, I'm ranting.... and googling about the notion of willpower:

In the meantime here is something to smile about, a re-enactment of the famous kid's Stanford Marshmallow experiment. 


Kurt said...

I've been eating a "heart healthy" diet for the past two years, and though there are certain things I can't eat, I can eat as much as I want. How's that for abundance? I've still lost 20 lbs.

Diane said...

20 pounds - that's impressive!

Carô said...

I love the marshmallow experiment. Now, the little blond with the yellow and orange papillon is my kind of girl. I would have eaten it too...