Thursday, July 14, 2011

Strait of Juan de Fuca

We stayed three nights at an amazing beach house right on the ocean, by the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  The cozy cabin had a stone fireplace, dining nook with ocean view, a turret with a home office and windows that opened so you could hear the Salish Sea.  A friend of Rob's sister was generous enough to let us stay, so we cancelled the B & B we'd reserved on Saltspring Island to take advantage of the offer.
Literally a stone's throw away from the deck to the ocean.  What a vista!  Always changing with the tides, the light, the clouds. Bald eagles, seals and otters all making their appearances.

View from living room window
The otters were especially entertaining.  Six of them tumbled out of the sea, muscling their way along the beach.  Two with fish in their mouths.  Cavort was the perfect word.  We watched as they made their way out of the water, and across the highway; returning later in the day along the same path.

The last night we had a fire as the tide came in and the sun set.  A seal kept popping its head out, lurking like a spy.
The last morning, a bald eagle soaring, looking for breakfast.

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