Monday, July 11, 2011

Cause for celebration

We traveled to Victoria to witness our niece Meredith get married to Adam.  What a happy couple, and what a beautiful wedding day!  

Meredith is the first of our nieces or nephews to get married, so several relatives made the journey - including  Arden who is visiting from Australia.  It was a pleasure watching Alex with his cousins.   Such strong familial resemblances.

These kids... well, they're not kids anymore.  My heart is full of hope looking at them... they seem happy & healthy & wise for their years.  Their lives ahead.

A new generation.

And now I remember, being that age, when the older generation got all teary-eyed and wondered where the time went.  "I remember when you were just a baby," and they'd shake their heads, incredulous.

One of life's magic tricks, I find myself a time traveler this summer evening.

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Nicki BH said...

I swear you have missed your calling. This piece brought tears to my eyes!