Friday, June 24, 2011

Monte Antico

This bottle of wine was winking at me on the cash-out desk at the LCBO.  Monte Antico.


But a screw top.  I'm not really a screw-top snob with New Zealand or Australian wines, but I admit this was the first Tuscan one I saw. (insert lewd screw-top joke here)

The cashier vouched for it - on sale, a dollar off for $14.95.  She also said this label has recently made it on to the Essentials list (previously it was in the Vintages section because it wasn't made in high enough quantities for the Essentials list).  I'm not sure where Michele lives, but she gets it for $10.

After the week I've had I wasn't planning on cellaring the bottle; so really the screw-top was not an issue.  Seeing as how as soon as I got home I'd be sampling.

The label itself is raised-embossed, with a lovely Tuscan scene emblazoned in red (how suitable for a chianti!).  Sure looks good on the table.

The grapes are a tasty meld of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sav.  A fruit fly has inexplicably shown up out of nowhere and is now floating in the pool of red, adding a bit of protein to the earthy Sangiovese (some people say that grape tastes like soil... maybe that is why I like it so much!).

Deep red colour, tastes of dark berries, thoughts of Tuscan hills......

Tony Aspler gave this a 4 out of 5.

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Kurt said...

I once ordered a Sardinian wine in a restaurant after the waiter boasted that it tasted of "the sands of Sardinia."