Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hardy Plant Sale Finds

Gathering up some new finds for a spring planting.  The Hardy plant sale was the perfect opportunity to find some evergreens and early bloomers. 

Magic Fire 
Witch Hazel
I went looking for my name-sake, Diane, but found this instead.  I asked what the difference was, and in this variety the leaves drop off (less maintenance!).  

Vase-shaped, it will grow 4M in height with a 30 inch spread after 20 years, but can be pruned.  (Prune just after it flowers, and cut back previous year's growth to 2 leaf buds, which are more narrow than the flower buds.... try not to remove flower buds.)  This flowers in February/March and turns gold in autumn.

All-season interest!

Nana Aurea Cedar

Dwarf Mugo Pine
One of the smallest varieties, the type I got will only be 10" after ten years.

Nana Aurea Cedar
Another dwarf conifer, very slow growing,  3' by 2' after ten years.  Bright yellow foliage.

Lewisia Cotyledon
Difficult to believe this exotic looking plant is actually a hardy perennial. Deadheading will prolong blooms in late spring, early summer.  Succulent leaves.  

This may or may not work out in the long-term as the plant is susceptible to crown rot and needs very well-drained soil.  I'll try the first season in a pot and then overwinter in the scree garden.  Fingers crossed.

Looked for some with upright flowers and found the Ivory Prince and the Blue Lady.  

I can't resist romantic pairings!  


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Giulia said...

Oh pretty. I forget how much a diff there is between our areas...our tulips are out, etc. A few weeks ago I went w/a friend to a beautiful garden park near me & the hellebores were everywhere...heaps & masses of them. So lovely. (And of course everything else early-flowering too...)