Friday, May 13, 2011

Best laid plans

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The orange corner I planted  back in November 2009 was sadly, just a fantasy.  The orange crocus was incredibly tiny in 2010 and didn't even show up this year.  Not sure if the orangerie daffodills even ever made an appearance (they are likely blooming in some neighbour's garden).  And the orange breeze tulips, a gorgeous colour, are seemingly an irresistible snack to the tree rats.  First they nibbled.  Then they bit the heads right off.  I was genuinely upset, I didn't realize I was so emotionally invested! Anyway, I pulled the squirrel treats right out of the garden.

This weekend I have garden work on the agenda:  buy rocks & soil, transplant the smokebush, plant the witch hazel, move some tender ferns into the ravine, dig a spot for the cedar.  Maybe get to the pots and bulbs, weather (and stamina) permitting.

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