Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quiz Night

Rob and I hosted a Quiz Night at BPYC, pulling mostly from Trivial Pursuit.  We ended with an audio portion and included clips from "Guess the TV Theme'.

There were 50 questions in total, with about 25 people playing. 

A fun way to spend a Friday night!

I remember when Trivial Pursuit first came out, and how it was only available at Birk's Jewellers and kept selling out.  We ended up getting one of the very early editions and quickly became addicts.  It was interesting to learn the inventors had tried to get a game company interested and when no one bought their idea they put up their own money to get the game to market.  A few years later they were all millionaires. 

The 'Guess the TV Theme' portion had a lot of people scratching their heads, but one of the tables got all of them correct.  We included the first ten below:

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Carô said...

OK, I'm listening... Les Pierrafeux or the Flintstones!! Oh!! That show about NYPD or lawyers... Davy Crocket, Bewitched? James Bond? I give up!! Mary Tyler Moore! Where is Hawaii Five O??