Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canada Blooms 2011

I decided to skip the crowds this year and go for an early morning preview on the first day of the official opening.  I got there bright and early and ended up being the third through the door.  What a great feeling!  To have the floor relatively uncluttered and be free to move around and actually get perspective on some of the exhibits.

There was a cairn that reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy, but sadly, no attribution.  Lots of tulips and daffodils and a fair amount of heather. 

I've gone hunting for dogwood at the nurseries the last few years and never seem to find a compact variety.   I asked the Master Gardener leading our group about smaller versions, and he said it didn't really matter - just prune to your heart's content and  avoid the overly vigourous varieties.  

There is also a winterberry shrub that has been catching my eye on the way to work these cold, snowy mornings.  I spotted that among the specimens at Canada Blooms, too.  That would be lovely in the backyard.

I think it is time to tear out some of the non-native Siberian Elms at the top slope of the ravine; strip away the raggedy lilacs along the side of the property, and get some shade-loving natives to attract birds and bees. 

Also got a few ideas for embellishments.  There was a zen garden that made great use of some unique water features:   a floating bell fountain that could be moved indoors in the winter, and a  beautiful Japanese rain chain to decorate the eavestroves.

This year, as always, there were some incredible floral designs.  It irked me to watch the crowds arrive and overly-eager visitors stroke the petals on display.  At that rate there will be quite a bit of damage by Saturday and Sunday.

The mosaics were especially amazing!

The exhibit inspired me to give this a try... I will have to pull out my flower press again.  Hydrangea petals seemed to be used in many of the mosaics.  Small and delicate, they can be used to great effect.  Dried fruit, dried beans, chard, tiny red peppers... wow!

Lots of ideas and inspiration at the start of the garden season.  My fingers are itching to get started! 

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Annika said...

Love the "floating bell fountain", reminds me of water lilies..