Sunday, March 6, 2011


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Bordeaux is what I've been sipping these past weekends.  Average vintages produce over 700 million bottles from the region.

I'm trying to picture the quantity.  Is that halfway to the moon?  Assuming the average bottle height is about 12 inches. that would be 700 million feet which translates into 132 575.758 miles.  I just asked Google maps to calculate directions between Toronto and Bordeaux but apparently that was asking too much.. This distance calculator says 3740 miles from here to Paris (or 3250 nautical miles). So, basically, there and back again, 400,000 times.  I think, it's hard to keep track of all those zeroes. 

At any rate, that's a lot of bottles and I'm sure that two won't be missed:

Chateau Haut-Vigneau 2005 Pessac-Leognan

Chateau Pey La Tour 2007 (winner 2009 gold medal Concours Mondial)

The colour of the claret in the glass is absolutely beautiful.  I like how the indefinite edge becomes a blurr as it touches the far side; the liquid closest to me is a deep plum, almost black-red.  Smells like summer and tickles my tongue.

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